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Why I use the synthesizer?

I, SATHYA, create three types of music ; with Sheng and synthesizer, only with Sheng and only with synthesizer.
By music of SATHYA sounds the synthesizer, mostly as accompaniment, like traditional orchestra by classic music.
But why I use synthesizer instead of acoustic music instruments?

First reason is, by using acoustic music instruments can sound to realistic.
Second reason is, man can make new tone color or sounds through synthesizer not like acoustic music instruments.
And third reason is, if we use acoustic music instruments, then we need very many players like orchestra
Fourth and last reason is, by using acoustic music instruments there are technical and mental limits and influence,
but by using synthesizer man can control everything alone.

There are these merits but there are demerits too.
At first, sound making process of synthesizer is digital.
At second, nuance is too mechanical.
And thirdly, man can not play live on concert performance.