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The Universe is...

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's words → 《The Universe is...》

All lives (= beings) exist in the universe
are one part of universe and
are with universe itself.

The Universe is :
The energy to bring, to bring up, to alive and to revive
(the life or existence).

And the property of this energy is ;
Love. Harmony. Thanks. Joy.
Straight fact. Infinity. Freedom.
Perfection. Eternity. Rich. Life.
Vivid. Free. Ease. Beautiful.
Splendidly. Bright. Light. Glad.
Cheerful. Happy. Peace. Relief.
Warmness. Tenderness. Calm. Soft.
Clean. Pure. Oneness
(not devide oneself and others).

Honesty. Kindness. Simplicity. Obedient. Faithfully.
Blessing. Respect. Impression. Learn

In other kotoba :
Do not particular. Do not kept. Do not judge. Do not analyze.
Do not blame. Do not criticize. Do not deny. Do not refuse it.
Do not label. Do not push. Do not force. Do not forbid.
Do not set a limit. Do not do conditioning. Do not manage. Do not inquire.
Do not guess. Do not defy. Do not opposed. Do not ignore.
Do not expect. Do not demand. Do not tell a lie. Do not cover something.

It is full of
blessing, thanks, joy,
respect feeling, love and sympathy.

(Even if what will happen, who thinks about what, and to do what)
It accept all beings just as they were and always continue pouring energy into all existence.
It gives a hint to think about notices (and waits till the person himself notices own fault).
And leads to think about "what kind of choice there is elsewhere" by oneself.

It leads to unify with self (space itself) and all beings through wrapping up whole of all existence just as they were.

All beings in the universe are
known, understood, accepted, permitted,
and completely loved everything.

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