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Chinese bamboo mouth organ
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The origin of the instrument Sheng is south asia,
and played since more than 2000 years in China.
His shape reminds of the phoenix.
Introduced in Japan around the 8th century,
used as a chord instrument in Gagaku (traditional sacred music) and called sound of the Heaven.
The basic structure of traditional Sheng is 17 bamboo pipes stand upright on a metallic bowl,
attached copper reed to each pipes with wax.
In China, after the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution,
created new types of Sheng, adding more pipes(21 or 36 pipes),
metallic pipes and keys for resonance.
The instrument used by SATHYA is the second biggest of the Sheng family,
with 36 pipes for chromatic scale, made by the inventor Mr.Sun Ji-gui.

Japanese Shou / Chinese 17pipes Sheng in F / 21pipes Sheng in E / 36pipes Sheng in G / 36pipes Sheng in C

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