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for Christmas of 2002

The message from the Virgin Mary

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's words → 《for Christmas of 2002》

to tenshinoshis on the earth

I want to send seven wishes for this Christmas,
on the day of my child Jesus.

1) Please be the best anytime.
The best means the brightest,
most beautifully and most wonderful for everyone.

2) Please remember what my child Jesus did do.
And please wish that you will be like him, and image it.

3) Please never treat rudely the people who came to you.
Anyone is an tenshinoshi.
And anyone is valuable life.
It is not only a person.
Please love all beings.

4) Please be clean anytime.
Please be pure and innocent. By the thought and by the action.
Only cleanness creates true happiness and true splendor.

5) Please watch the true figure of the person without any hate or blame.
And please feel each other's splendor.
Of others and of you both.

6) Nobody has to become a victim.
Nobody has to become an assailant.
Do not you make somebody an assailant to become a victim?
Do not you make somebody a victim to become an assailant?
Please feel that there is not necessary anymore.
Only we cooperate.

7) Please create the heaven everywhere you are.
Only you can create it.
Other people have other ways.
But your way is only for you.
Please create heaven on your way.

in prayer

(24 December 2002)

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