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About Nature

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's words → 《for the end of first year in the 21st century》

In this event (love earth live 2008),
because of "nature" is a theme around "chemical-free farming",
although the word "nature" often appears in others talk.
So, I will speak about the "nature" in my music.

Although maybe you felt the smooth and flows melody line,
and the sound that wraps the whole, during listen my music.
It is "nature".
The oneness, in one, not divided, all things are pgeijyutsunomokuteki in whole,
and all things exist in "nature" or the "universe".
It is "nature", and to be taken in and obtained through music is my music.

The music generally listened are, for example, in 4/4 metre or 3/4 and one metre
follows all the time in one music.
But my music is not like this.

For example, next piece I will perform, start in 4/4 metre
but in next bar it turn to 3/4, then next 3.5/4, 2.5/4, 4.5/4…
The metre changes each bar.
But even if metre changes rapidly,
probably you do not detect it and you listen only floating music.

That means, "smoothness which flows" is
the opposite poles of the procrustean.
If one music is always in meter from the beginning to end, it can be "uniformalization"
or the music was putted into a framework called the meter.
Conversely, the "change" is the one natural way and
it is shown at my music as "changing meter."

Today, in relation to "chemical-free farming",
some people are talking about "nature".
Then, what is "to live natural"?
I live in Europe, and if I see Japan from there,
I think that Japanese society makes the people as "uniform."
This although connected also with "mode" or "trend"
which important in Japanese culture.
The thought as "everybody is same" is important in the Japanese culture and
that makes Japanese society.
But…inside of this society, are people really living naturally?
Is everyone living as oneself?
Are every persons living demonstrated the capability and wonderfulness of owns?

"To living natural means, we all feel that we all exist in the universe,
that we all are brought up and given from universe all what we need,
that all being in the universe is connected one, and don't hinder change.

If you think about "to live natural" through listening my music,
which is, wrapped whole and with floating melody,
and changing meter frequently in that flowing melody,
then I am very happy.

(by concert in 8 November 2008 in Pias Hall, Matsumoto)

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