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There is no lot with blank in the universe

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's words → 《There is no lot with blank in the universe》

(At first I explained about my music instrument Sheng)
I play my own music with this musical instrument called Sheng,
and already you listen what is the big difference between my music and the other music.
By most melodic music, the melody can be heard as a line,
but by my music the melody line is clear but it can be felt that the whole body is wrapped in sound.

In fact, this is exactly what I aim.
I express through music that we all beings exist in the "universe" and
we all are efficiently cherished or employed by "universe".
I will express that through my music to feel you.

For example, we all exist and living in the air,
but usually we don't conscious or forget it.
But even if we don't conscious, the air is indispensable to us.

Just same as this, we exist and live in the "universe",
and the universe give us all what we need to live.
But we don't conscious it or we forget it.
I hope that my music can help to feel or to remember,
"we are in the universe".

More than ten years ago I came to here Nagoya and had been the Higasiyama Zoo with my daughter.
There is a lot inside the garden to win a padded animal figure in various sizes,
although one of them can hit.
We see on the signboard "win any".

My daughter couldn't read the signboard, but she wants to do it.
Then she got just handy size stuffed animal, not to small, not to big.
She was very glad.
When I remember this scene,
I think that symbolize just how we are in the universe.
The "universe" prepares the things exactly good for us.
Our choice is just we receive it or we don't receive it.
And we can truly glad what we received.
I think that is an important.

Through my music (it is actually not my music but music from universe comes through me),
if you feel that "there is no lot with blank" or "we are in the universe", I am very happy.

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