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selfappeal without myself

《welcome to SATHYA's world》《about SATHYA》 → 《selfappeal without myself》

The characteristic of SATHYA's music

The music of the magnificent, smooth, drift, profound, pure and innocent sound
with the Chinese Sheng as a melody instrument,
accompanied of the symphonic orchestra-like sound with the synthesizer.


space art (cosmic art) / spiritual / healing / New Age / classic / post-romanticism /art nouveau.


SATHYA's music are in genre of cosmic art or New Age music.
Generally, New Age music means spiritual and healing music with synthesizer.
SATHYA's music is just in this style.
But I don't compose and perform to aim to express the spiritual world, or for effect of healing.
Those are only secondary things for me.
The basic of my music is not self-expression or self-appeal of muself, even when I play and I compose.
It is because the impression of most audience by concert are;
"my soul became exalted." " I was purified. " "my heart was healed." "a scene of heaven."
"my heart was healed" "a soul became in to space" " feeling of happiness".

Then, what am I aiming to compose and perform without self-appeal.

Self appeal which is not self-appeal

The purpose of art isn't own expression.
Because self-expression is often expression of the ego.
Most people don't recognize the difference with the ego as oneself.
People called artist and people who call themselves an artist are also the same.
So-called "art", they express an ego while thinking that it is expression of the self,
spread over the world in the 20th century.
However, most of those ware expression of "ego" "prejudice" "belief"
"tastes" "disposition" "avarice" "feeling" of the author….
What did they want to share to many people?
What did they want to transmit to many people?
What kind of influence did they want to have on people?
There may be people who sympathize or resonant with those expressions certainly.
And those are often sympathy by a negative point but not by an positive point.
The original purpose of art is, not like that way, to express the original state of the universe itself in which we exist.
and an essential way of life of the human being who exists in the universe..

Ludwig van Beethoven said
Nothing higher exists than to approach God more than other people and from that to extend His glory among humanity.

Vincent van Gogh said
There are only three things which art expresses.
There are "Existence of the God itself" "Thought of God" "the beauty of God's creating".

Igor Stravinsky said
If I have a talent for the music, it is the sacred thing given from God/ .It should be used for many people.

They usede the word "God".
however, it is possible to express it without using this word. And it will become less misunderstanding
We all exist in the "universe".
Universe create, bring up, keep alive, revive and watch all the things which exist in it self.
It's called "LOVE".
To express "love" of universe, and
the gladness and joy of all existens in the universe
is role of art.
So that, My music is not expression of myself but expression of Universe, not expression of ego but essence.
Self -appeal is not necessary by art.
The role of the artist is to lead people happily through expression of Universe which let exist, wrap and support all being.


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