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to the epoch of sharing

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's words → 《to the epoch of sharing》

The new epoch from now on.
Although it is natural, but one of the most important in many things which we did not do, is sharing.

Many beings live with the contact in to soul of each other.

Premise of sharing is to understand each other.
Premise of understand is don't divide each other.

We share and give each other without divide which is my part or whose part.

Having continue the heart of the consideration which snuggle to a partner's feeling,
and understanding each other.

Always, anywhere, with anyone living the same oneself.
Connecting to everyone and to everything at the heart without light and shade.
Living pliable and faithful oneself and other beings.

When we feel that every being are living lives,
When we feel the energy to live all beings around us,
We share many livings, all beings what we feel and affect.

Such an epoch is that we create from now.
It follows with you.

(04 November 1999)

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