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members of ONDE

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's music → 《members of Onde》

Our group "Onde" exists with two members, SATHYA and Satoshi Mukai.
We both compose own music and play it, and SATHYA plays the Sheng too.

Satoshi Mukai

Born in Hiroshima(Japan).
Started to study piano at the age of six, and trumpet at twelve.
Came over France in 1994
and accepted in the Conservatoire National de la Region (CNR) de Boulogne-Billancourt.
In 1996,at age of 18, opened heart to faith.
After tree years of trumpet study by Prof.Marc Soustrot,
started composing and playing the synthesizer.
In 1999 enter the CNR in Angers to study organ playing and music theory.
Now in Paris, active by composing and giving concert while studying singing by CNR.
The themes of activities of music creation are,
the researching for the rule of cause and effect in music, and better daily life.
(text by Satoshi Mukai)

The music of SATHYA and Satoshi Mukai have, of cause, same points and difference points.
What same by music of both are, may be you can feel through listening our music
after reading next page [Characteristic of Onde] .
Because of this same character, we two go into one group.
But beside this same points, what difference of our music is,
just like reaction of many people by our concert.
"feel water by Music of SATHYA, and space by music of Mukai."
We think, this is very important,
because 'water' and 'air' are most basic elements on the earth
and first created things like writen on the bible.
These two are most strong things on the earth and needed for all of being to live.
This is the reason and most important point that we two join one group,
to feel these two basic elements on our music.

(text by SATHYA)

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