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To you who are greeted a new year
and a new century on the earth

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's words → 《To you who are greeted a new year a new century on the earth》

Dear people who will be greeted 2001 and the 21st century on the earth.
This new year, many people may be felt in the premonition that becomes a thing completely different from former.

Over these ten years, how have we considered and drawn the 21st century?
And now just before the 21st century, will be come the 21st century as we thought?

We are now in the time that the new civilization is coming around.
But, correctly, there is not to become but to "create" thing.
Through the will and the power of every person of us.

In past time, we forget many important things.
May be more exactly, we have tried to forget it.
But through that how many people could get happiness?

The will, which all the lives have, much basically than the instinct, is "wants to live fortunately."

All of being want to live fortunately.
We can do naturally this most natural thing,
it will be the 21st century that will create from now on.

For that purpose, there is no necessity something difficult to learn, know or study.
Only "puts the heart", we have to do.

The most important thing we forget is the heart of the loving-kindness,
to feel the wishes of all of being that they will live happy.

We all want please value. I want to value the life "myself."
For what exists as one life, it is a very natural thought.
But have we really feel and realize it?

The most originally energy in this time which we create from now, is the loving-kindness.

We touch all the lives with heart, with the feeling that they are the irreplaceable being.

On all the acts.

For all the lives.


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