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I, SAHYA , aim to create "Time-space",
with which our entire being on the Earth becomes infused with
universal love and harmony
which in turn demonstrates the unlimited power of life
and its eternal potentialities,
live resplendent in harmony.

I have been able to realize
the joy of living, the sparkle of life itself
for which
all life in this universe exists
and the love of which is allowing all life to exist in harmony
and bringing up the universe itself.

The being that lives upon the Earth,
recalls what the essential ought to be,
and reaffirms its aims and ambitions.
In doing so it is expressing the state, which harmonizes
all life in the universe.
I am determined to support this,
in order to be able to live naturally.

In the first part of my life,
I have completed my role as a musician (reprodutional artist) in the western classic music.
To complement this I intend to find expression in sound,
therefore, in the second part of my life,
I have started to compose and to play own music.
This is however, not all?c?c
?c..I am undertaking architectural planning, total interior/exterior design, lighting, aroma and art(painting/3D) etc?c..
Further I am planning to create total "time-space"
which even includes fashion for human beings who are part of the "time-space".

By constricting a higher dimensional "time-space",
I hope to lead all of beings to the essential life as it ought to be
and was originally.

In addition
I aim to enable to make use of their full range of individual abilities.
Working together, sharing abilities, ideas,
information, experiences, knowledge etc?c..
Moreover, this is to remember that,
each one of us are promoters of the role and the life,
then our unexpected potential, our abilities,
will be born and brought up.

The vision is not only expressed by one's work or performance,
but moreover by ourselves as a whole, to be willing to actualize
Utopia on Earth = the new civilization in the new century.
We as individuals symbolize Utopia
and it is up to us to make it a reality.
We have come to the realization that
we are its messengers and to be the example for others to follow.
Utopia on Earth is not only for the future, but nature.
Our entire lives are the natural expression of leaving oneself
to flow of universal energy that
love and harmony .
We made this conscious decision and agreed before entering this life.
Therefore I have realized remembering the future
also willing to support others.

(31 Janualy 1999)

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