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for the end of first year in the 21st century

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's words → 《for the end of first year in the 21st century》

How would it be spent the first year in the 21st century?

For end of this one year, the first year of a new century and the first year of a new millennium,
I am happy that if we can look back toward and can confirm
which we each one having piled up steadily to build the new society, new civilization and new shelf.

To produce something new,
at first it may necessary the new heart.
In Inside of us each.

This new heart is,
even if it is originally the thing inside of us,
but the thing,
which it is forgotten, and is hidden.

To notice that “we anyone may choose it based on the real intention and may act",
and to realize it, may be we have to resolve and to appreciate to realize it.

…give priority to only profit of oneself,
…compel own “right”to another people,
…fight for own “right” as the shield.
These were showed us in this one year as the event in the world.

For own justice, for own profit oneself and for own…….
It is clear when someone insists it,
clash with another person who does not belong to "oneself".
And it is obvious that nobody can live happily.

Let's make such a way of thinking and the action a past thing.
And let's regain the original world filled with love.

Let's brighten own golden heart and of all beings.

Let's exert own wonderfulness and of all beings.

Remember a feeling of care to all beings (existence),
to feel everyone the joy, happiness and contend heart.

Not only 《you》want to live happily.

May coming year be full of love and hope.

In prayer

(05 December 2001)

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