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Characteristic of Onde

《welcome to SATHYA's world》SATHYA's music → 《Characteristic of Onde》

There are two characteristic things on activities of our group ONDE.
First, we think relation between our mind as creator and influence from our impression important as idea of our activities.
And secondly, we use the Chinese mouth organ Sheng as melody instrument.

On last years, "hearing mood" is trend in Japan.
And often our music is categorized in this genre, but we never say that our music is in genre of "hearing mood".
In natural, we are healed if we meet with something wonderful.
And that can will be a start of wish, that we will live more wonderful life than before.
Usually said, "healing" as relax or bring to zero from minus, but we Onde think about "healing" as something make positive influence to human life.
So that, we take as a presupposition, that we make progress the level of our daily life through tuning up of our mind.
This a presupposition can introduce really high quality music, that makes more rich human life, and that makes much more higher level culture.

One more characteristic of Onde is, using synthesizer and Sheng.
Chinese mouth organ Sheng is unknown outside of china, but many people say that sound make remember the root of soul.
Sheng has not only characteristic sounds, but also another mechanical merit that can play melody and accord both.
By using Sheng and synthesizer both, we can express our ideas that we will introduce you.

(text by Satishi Mukai)

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